Biology of the father

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Date: Sun 30 May 2004 - 11:02:57 GMT

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    I found this in the paper I read, DM 27. 05. 2004 Something of interest !?

    There are biological differencies between being a father and being a mother. For men procreation is from a biological point of view for a great deal a noncommittal thing. They have much more choise or and in how far they will take up responsibilities of fatherhood. They can be a father without even knowing it, and if they know it, they can deny it or even escape the consequenties. They aren 't forced to take up responsibility from within biology and are thus thrown on what culture provides / dictates for such cases.

    Translated by Kenneth Van Oost, May 2004. This extract is written as a preview for a book by M. Michielsen,
    ' Fathers of a kind ' ( translation).

    If so, then ir raises a few fair questions,

    _ when began culture !? and did it start with what men thought they will/ can or might do in order to raise ( their) children !?

    _and if there were no rules did women start something cultural to bring men into line with what seems a biological inbedded trait of women !?

    I got to search for it, but I have somewhere an article, that says that monogamy is a women biological trick to keep men into line with their responsibility towards their children.



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