Re: "viral marketing" on Radio 4

From: Alan Patrick (
Date: Thu 27 May 2004 - 09:20:03 GMT

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     --- derek gatherer <> wrote:
    > Did anybody catch John Humphreys this morning on the
    > "Today" programme on Radio 4? It was about 7.40am,
    > and there was an item about the food industry and
    > how
    > children are getting too fat. I was driving and
    > only
    > half listening, and suddenly JH says that viral
    > marketing is "unethical", "unjustifiable" and "ought
    > to be banned". Apparent Kelloggs were doing
    > something..... I wish I had been paying attention.

    Viral Marketing is these days a synonym for Pyramid schemes.

    Semantic shifts...


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