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Date: Mon 24 May 2004 - 08:01:13 GMT

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     --- Van oost Kenneth <> wrote:

    > _ IMO, the televoting was a scam,

    Hmm... I don't like to speculate about that in the absense of any evidence. I see no reason to believe that any centralised vote rigging goes on.

    > _ incredible is that many, like Croations, voted for
    > a song of their
    > neighbouring state ! Why !? Where does that sudden
    > friendly gesture
    > would come from !?

    It comes from a kind of memetic reciprocal altruism, and it's not so sudden, but has been building up over decades (see my paper)

    > Is there any
    > proof that the counting
    > of the votes was correct !?

    Is there any proof it wasn't?

    > Were the points than already giving to Norway by the
    > Swedish audience
    > or was it a last minute rescue effort to please the
    > neighbour !?

    The rules require the former, so if the latter, then that was cheating. I'm not going to get into that, since I think we'd need very compelling evidence to make such a serious allegation.

    > _This years voting was a complete farce, Monaco
    > gives 10, or was it 12
    > points to France,

    Monaco has traditionally had a reciprocal vote exchange with the UK, back in the 60s and 70s. They also have not competed for some 20 years or so, so you can't infer any pattern from a single year's votes.

    >Derek, your 5 % pleasing
    > attitude goes down the
    > drain with this years full circus !!!

    What's a "5% pleasing attitude"?

    > _ and for all what it is worth, the voting showed
    > that once a line was set in,
    > ( Ukraine 1, Serbia 2, Greece 3, Turkey 4,...)
    > others, IMO countries with no
    > attachment to the four mentioned above, followed
    > meek...

    But how can that be? The voting was done blind.

    > Holland did gave points to Croatia, Sebrenicia comes
    > to mind....

    Wasn't Srebrenica in Bosnia?

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