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    > On the other hand, there are human behaviors for which memetic
    > seems to be lacking, examples being Stockholm Syndrome and the counterpart
    > of abusing captives to activate Stockholm Syndrome (TTICB for lack of a
    > short descriptive term).

    With all do respect Keith, but what American soldiers did with their Iraqi prisoners has nothing what so ever to do with activating SS ! Come on please ! Those guys played it mean to the bone, out of revenge or just being nasty and racistic ! Prisoners were stripped naked by female wards, were due to eat pork and to drink alcohol, were buggered with their own excrements...

    Tell me one good reason why people had to be treated in such a way....!? Is that the way by which American intelligence gets its information, no doubt sometimes they miss the ball (sic)....



    My bet would be that Milgram tapped into a
    > genetic behavior in his "obedience to authority" shock experiments. Then
    > there are human behaviors such as mothers caring for infants where the
    > mother-infant bonding is genetic--chemically mediated with oxytocin
    > at birth--but the details of the behavior are memetic since they differ
    > across cultures.

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