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Date: Sat 22 May 2004 - 19:21:52 GMT

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    Despite the interesting comments by Vincent, Scott and Lawrence I would like to keep mine to the original contents,.... Derek, are you out there !?

    That Belgium wouldn 't win, well that was a fact.... But serious now,
    _What struck me was the thought that many of my country fellowman voted, anyway that what the votes said, for Ukraine...brr !
    _ IMO, the televoting was a scam, if a few good men voted and than by chance all for Ukraine, the impact on the final result would be great indeed, but if a large number voted and than all for the Ukraine seems to me as very unlikely_ it wasn 't even a great song !
    _ incredible is that many, like Croations, voted for a song of their neighbouring state ! Why !? Where does that sudden friendly gesture would come from !? You would except to see such a result if the points were to be giving by a professional jury, not if common people has, finally, something to say ! There was liberty to vote, would they except that the result of their choosing backfired !? What should have played any role of significance in the way they choosed...tradition, language, historical alliance like the Servs and the Russians...Servs gave points to Russia as a " thanks you note " for what the last did during the Balkan wars !?

    _ IMO, manipulation is on the blinck. Is there any proof that the counting of the votes was correct !? Norway for example, was during the whole of the contest without any point, but when is was Swedens turn to give the result of their own private televoting, Norway received points ! Were the points than already giving to Norway by the Swedish audience or was it a last minute rescue effort to please the neighbour !?

    _This years voting was a complete farce, Monaco gives 10, or was it 12 points to France, Germany and Turkey backed eachother up, Belgium received points from Holland and Andorra (sic), we ain 't popular in Europe, aren 't we !? Derek, your 5 % pleasing attitude goes down the drain with this years full circus !!!

    _ Ukraine did a immense promotion campagne troughout its region, did they influence the public !? What was promised !? What made the difference !?

    _ and for all what it is worth, the voting showed that once a line was set in,
    ( Ukraine 1, Serbia 2, Greece 3, Turkey 4,...) others, IMO countries with no attachment to the four mentioned above, followed meek... Holland did gave points to Croatia, Sebrenicia comes to mind....

    _ comments about the clownesk parade we have been watching tell that ain 't the song, not even who sings it is important, but how high the show standard of the performance is/ was, or being a neighbour... Unfortunely, Western countries doesn 't do that ! Is that the way Eastern countries can and will win in the future !? I wonder, in extreme memetics terms what went on in those minds of so many people to vote for Ukraine !? Mass- hysteria !? If so, what kind !?



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