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Date: Fri 21 May 2004 - 22:26:47 GMT

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      Vincent typed:
      Purely by chance the only bit of Eurovision I saw this year was the winning Ukrainian entry, which I thought was one of the most terrible pieces Eurovision music ever (even worse than the UK's last year), so my jaw really did drop when I heard they won. Having seen it, I'm not so sure it was a warsaw pact block of voting so much as the Xena Warrior Princess look of the Ukranians, or maybe most of Eastern Europe was pissed off at the latest series of 24 having the biggest baddies as Ukranians- the baddy Englishmen, well everyone can believe that can't they? BTW and USanians out there please don't spoil the plot for me, as despite its simplistic politics (why are nearly all the US traitors in the series women?) I'm a big fan.

    Scott's reply:

    So 24 has made it to the other side of the pond? I loved the first and second season, having both on DVD now, but this 3rd season is kinda getting on my nerves. I'm not sure which season you're watching so will try not to spoil it.

    There were Serbs in season one, I think. Drazen's clan was after Jack Bauer and David Palmer for some special ops mission that killed family members.

    Sherry Palmer is evil, but not as evil as Nina Myers. She's a babe though and anyone who has seen the Larry Sanders Show might recognize the actress.

    There's a male British intelligence (MI5?) agent in season three who went rogue and is the arch-nemesis of Bauer. Gotta look out for them Brits ;-)

    They used the tendency for assuming Arabs are terrorists against the audience in season two as a set-up expectation allowing for an unforeseen plot twist. Plus the audience starts empathizing with an intelligence agent from an unnamed Arab country who is aiding Bauer before he is killed as a result of anti-Arab backlash. I thought those plot developments were smart.

    The constant adrenaline surge of 24's plot is addictive. Keith Henson might want to write an article on this and posit a module for it. There are times when, especially in the third season, that they are writing the show apparently for suspenseful effect and not for consistency or character developmment. They've introduced characters in all three seasons that sort of vanish from the storyline without a trace, such as President Palmer's kids.

    They've used the fear of terrorism as a hook. Season one was conceptualized prior to Sept 11 and IIRC they scaled a scene of an airplane exploding back a bit to not overdo things so soon after a national tragedy. Season two played on the fear of suitcase nukes where season three plays on the fear of biological threats (ie a nasty virus, but not as nasty as the one that infects London in "28 Days Later").

    I wonder what impact 24 has had on television as a medium. Are there other counterterrorism shows or shows with multipanel split screens showing three or four scenes at the same time?

    One strange thing about the second season is that a significant portion of the cast is blond.

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