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Date: Tue 18 May 2004 - 09:22:35 GMT

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    > Right, but if you can show the logic of an argument calling for the
    > existence of something is flawed, chances go down considerable as to it
    > existing in the real world.

    Fair enough. The reason I admire (good) sociologists and psychologists is because they have to find a way to work in this mode prctically the whole time. Even 'show me a mutation in a gene for...' was a fallacious objection on my part because the complexity of those networks means even there, where you can buy flashy tools/kit that will solve all your problems (honest) positive and complete truth is damned hard to come by.

    We're back to the religion/belief/knowledge thing though (and let's face it, I could still be a weirdy alien playing the mother of all immersive
    'real life soap' games here)...

    Cheers, Chris.

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