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    On 07/05/2004, at 11:42 AM, Liane Gabora wrote:

    > If there was no unity --- or a better word, 'integration' --- we
    > wouldn't be able to merge two concepts or ideas together to form a new
    > concept or idea, adapt old solutions to new situations, think in terms
    > of metaphors and analogies, or even put words together in new ways to
    > express new thoughts or experiences. In fact, if if they weren't
    > integrated, one thought wouldn't be able to evoke another abstractly
    > related thought, which evokes another and so forth to refine an idea
    > or perspective in a 'stream of thought'. Actually, I am at this moment
    > preparing a talk on the archaeological evidence for when and how this
    > kind of unified or integrated cognitive structure came about. It is a
    > fascinating story!
    > I disagree with you about selection. (The arguments are kind of
    > technical, but I've written a paper on this with Diederik Aerts titled
    > 'Creative thought as a non-Darwinian evolutionary process' which is
    > forthcoming in Journal of Creative Behavior. If you are interested I
    > could send it to you.)

    Please. And may I send you a couple of items you might not have seen?

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