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Date: Fri 23 Apr 2004 - 20:56:18 GMT

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    > It reminds me of many other films with religious topics to have
    > outraged people - Ken Russell's 'The Devils' also notorious for violence,
    > and sexual explicitness- 'Life of Brian', still the best film ever made
    > about religion in my book, and a film you might not have heard of called
    > 'Visions of Ecstacy', I had to check my clippings file for the details, a
    > porno short about St Teresa of Avila's fantasies about Jesus, banned by
    > British Censors, a decision backed by the European Court of Human Rights
    > said the decision did not breach the convention on human rights- that was
    > 1996 if anyone's particularly interested.

    << And what about Pulp Fiction; A clockwork Orange, Eyes wild shut, Platoon, Reservoir Dogs and others !? Ain 't that violence !? What about the Burka, the chador or a simple kerchief, ain 't that violenve/ violent to some !? Teasing the new guy at work, teasing the new kid on the block....ain 't there some kind of violence in it !?

    Even in the early days of our existence, mistrust and pure racism were the cornerstones of society. Keeping out strangers, defending oneself and de- fending the groups assests were the best way to garantee the best cooperation within small groups. Violence is part of our being, but where we get violent, literally then, about is genetic/ memetic/ social/ cultural determinated.



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