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    > > movie is for the most part based upon what Johannes wrote, not merely an
    > In Time magazine's cover story last week, theologian Susan Thistethwaite
    > calls The Passion a war movie. She said it's the most violent movie she's
    > ever screened. It may be one of the most violent movies ever made,
    > Apparently, when the subject is Jesus, it doesn't matter how violent a
    > is because it's automatically holy. So you can get away with anything.
    > audience gets to wallow in blood and still maintain the illusion that it's
    > somehow not just another Hollywood bloodfest. Gibson has evaded criticism
    > for his latest spectacle of pointless ultraviolence by nailing it to the
    > religion meme.

    <<Of course it is a ' war movie ' ! What do you exept of a struggle between a religious, nationalistic, patriotic fanatic, trying to get his people freed of a certain tiranny and an occupying force trying to bash down the uprising !?

    And what the violence is concerned, oh well, do we forget WO I_ Ypres
    ( Belgium) and the battle of the Marne (France ), do we forget the clashes between Iran and Irak, do we forget the numerious woman in Jordan prisons hiding away from their fathers and brothers ( Honoring the Killers, Justice denied for Honor Crimes in Jordan ) !?

    Is the above more or just less violent than what is shown on our screens !? I doubt it ! It is just that it is a movie about JC that everybody talks about it. But the struggle was violent and bloody, that it is showed to us, in its most detailed form, disturbs us, but it is common reality ! War, whatever kind is messy, and both sides in such a fight are trying to get the best of the other, no matter what the cost ! Clean wars ain 't a possibility ! And moreover, no institution at one point in time will allow that its interests will be jeapardized by an upcoming uprising of what seemed to be an minority. JC was put to death to show to the others, back down or die ! History made him a martyr.

    > America is incapable of recognizing its culpability in the great
    > crime committed against it. We can only paint ourselves as a sort of
    > national Christ on the cross, with a mob of dark-skinned people at our
    > throats. That's the real message of The Passion. Oh, see how we're
    > and hated for our goodness and Godliness. We try to help others, and look
    > how we're treated in return. It's the old self-righteousness meme, a
    > perennial best-seller.

    << The problem with America, better will be its president, that he runs blind for the ' good causes ', in casu democracy. He believes it is universal and for ever. Democracy coud be simply the form of historical conciousness adequate to the present moment, and could literally wither away when its moment in time is in its turn surpassed. Democracy is a allday working process, not something static, religious inspired like it is in America; Democracy is the heritage of the idea of what stands for Christianity and we all know what happens with it....



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