Re: more memetics references on Channel 4 news

From: derek gatherer (
Date: Thu 22 Apr 2004 - 07:17:03 GMT

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     --- Scott Chase <> wrote: > Derek:

    > Did anybody make an actual explicit reference to
    > "memes" or "memetics"
    > or are you assuming that use of a phrase like
    > "tipping point" or
    > "infected" implies a reference to memetics itself?

    Yes, I am assuming the latter. This kind of language is still very rare, but 3 sightings on a single news programme since October might be a trend...???
    > There's a big difference between an explicit
    > reference to memetics and
    > something implied by a meme-like term used by a
    > prominent person in my
    > mind.

    Of course, I have never seen any reference to memes in the mainstream media (except of course in things like New Scientist, but I'm referring here to the non-seintific mainstream). The only exception is in Private Eye, which ran a series of memetics quotes in its "Pseuds Corner" column back in about 1999. see: and:

    >The latter case, if so, seems to be quite a
    > stretch to make it
    > appear that memetics has a wider appeal or usage
    > than may be the case.

    I'm just looking for any crumb of comfort to convince me that I haven't wasted my life.

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