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    Watching a television debate about this, I like to offer the following. No doubt this has been said in one of the earlier posts, than I apolo- gize...

    First, crucifixion was the way by which the Romans punished those who opposed them. Thus there is no doubt who was to blame for JC his death. But the problem seems to be if the Jews, his own people accordingly to history, has anything to do with it.

    If they didn 't, than his death can be seen as a manner to maintain the grip the Romans had over the land, to show in its most bloody way what became of those who were opposed. No more than a determinant way of showing off its strenght.

    If the Jews however had something to do with his death, and the history shows that after he died the relationship between Romans and Jews was fragile but livible, than we can conclure that they handed him over. The question is of course, why !? In a modern interpretation of the facts we can say, that if there was within a group of people, one outstanding bad individual and moreover if that person would jeopardize a whole community than you can be sure that he would be turned over to keep the peace. The often used scape- goat principle comes to mind. The more often used phrase than a Jew can 't be trusted finds its origin in that story.

    That JC was member of a rebellious bunch who used its own people's history and tradition to get on top of things is one of the going interpretations if we read Qumran and the history of Massada. That he used in the same way his history and tradition to get the Jew united behind one idea, the liberty and to get freed from Roman occupation, is no lie either. Dull he was certainly not.

    In the film however, Gibson made a mess of things, Holly- wood style... His movie is for the most part based upon what Johannes wrote, not merely an interpretation of things in its own right and thus questionable about its content and truthfullness. Gibson used richly other elements coming from other writings. Moreover, said one of the participants of the debate, it is a movie where you can laugh with if you understand and know your history. The Latin used came only into fashion in the Middle Ages, to give an example. Another historical blunder is that Mary is seen troughout the film as an important figure. Historical that isn 't true, Mary came in sight when again Johannes wrote about her. Probably, at the time JC died she sat home, completely unaware of the fact that her love one died a terrible death.

    And the blood and the horror !? Hollywood style no doubt, but seen from the Roman perspective, would you get the message across to the whole of a nation to stay back !? I think they did !

    That Gibson his interpretation, and that is what it is, can be seen as yet another manner to get the persecution of the Jewish people going is too far from the truth. It is only in the eyes of the Jews themselves that the alledged anti- Semetic feelings arise, it is their own history and inter- pretation of historical facts that handed over the feeling that yet another film is made to maintain a worn- out picture of the Jews. To learn and to understand the complex context of that period of our history, Gibsons movie is not that well placed. Like I said, it a Hollywood styled adaptation of a historic theme, well done no doubt, but not so near the truth as many people think.

    Even the spokesman of the Catholic community of my country, found that the Jews were not portrayed as those evil devils as history wants us to believe, but just the opposite....or is that another meme launched....!?



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