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    > Aaron:
    > In the latter, I recommended looking up the guidelines
    > for citations in Human Nature Review. Apparently, they
    > don't have a submission guidelines page on their web
    > site. So you might try some URL's at the American
    > Psychological Association. Here are some relevant URLs
    > that have materials on standards for publishing in
    > their journals:
    > And
    > One advantage to those kinds of citation practices is
    > that they can make it easier for scientists to give
    > worthwhile feedback
    > Erm, those aren't submission guidelines, Aaron,
    > they're a code of practice to do with serious
    > malpractice by psychologists. I'd be interested in
    > finding out exactly which of those you think that
    > Keith needs lecturing on........ ho, ho, ho!!

    I really did not mean to get you all "reinvigorated," or anything like that. Rather, I left out the main URL that I wanted to list, namely, It offers a whole manual of style for APA publications, as updated in 2002. But I had previously received a shorter style guide that summarized APA style considerations. I tried to find an online version for Keith, but got distracted by those other URLs dealing more with substance than style. All 3 URLs may be useful to people doing psychological research and journal publication.

    --Aaron Lynch

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