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    > >Varnian
    >Varnian sounds like a good name

    That was actually a goof on my part for not changing the subject line.

    But thanks for pointing out that it might make a name for the psychological trait of going to war when the population gets out of balance with the ecosystem. "Varnian" of course would be a person so affected. "Varnia or varni or even varn would the psychological root mechanism or trait.

    None of the candidate words based on Greek, Latin or even German have really jumped out as strong contenders or like marshalling already have assigned meanings.

    >- as long as you
    >aren't breaking any of Aaron's ethical guidleines.

    > And

    I suspect this was a joke, but have not heard back from Aaron recently.

    >especially clause 1.05
    >"Such action might include referral to state or
    >national committees on professional ethics, to state
    >licensing boards, or to the appropriate institutional
    >In the case of the Varnians, this would presumably be
    >Starfleet Command.

    Sheesh. Checking with Starfleet (putting these words into Google) indicates they have other uses as names and company names. One link to Varnian gives this from some D&D game.

    Aucorans Aucorans enter combat with zeal and a bloodlust that would put a Varnian Knight (Knights of Varn, the Tiranian god of War), to shame. ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

    That's suggestive. Varnophilia might work. Eros is Greek for attraction, overpowering and gives a kind of sexual context. Varneros?

    Google comes up blank for both of them. Comments?

    Keith Henson

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