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Date: Mon 05 Apr 2004 - 08:27:18 GMT

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     --- Van oost Kenneth <> wrote:

    > Turkey for example, does give more points to Belgium
    > than
    > it does to Germany,

    Not true. Turkey to Belgium average 2.435 Turkey to Germany average 3.208

    >Germany doesn 't usally award Turkey with many

    About the same. Germany to Turkey average 3.167. There's asginificant mutual avoidance at the 5% significance level.

    > Spain and Italy give eachother points,

    No, Spain gives points to Italy but not vice versa. Over the 17 years they were both in the contest, Spain gave an average of 7.29, but only received an average of 4.41 in return. The first is statistically significant (1% level), but the latter not (in fact, it's about dead in line with random chance).

    > Spain and
    > Portugal
    > do the same,

    No, on the contrary they bias against each other. Over the 26 years they have been together in the contest the average vote from Spain to Portugal was 3.35, and in return 2.7. This is a significant mutual rejection, but only at the 5% level.

    > but not the Netherlands and Belgium,

    21 years together, Belgium to Netherlands average 3.29, converse average 3.85. Significant avoidance
    (5% level) but they like each other more than Portugal likes Spain (see above).

    > not even
    > Belgium and Luxemburg,

    LU to BE 2.53 converse 3.21 19 years significant avoidance 5% level.

    > Do France and England give eachother points !?

    France loves GB, we hate them.

    GB to FR 2.85 converse 5.41 27 years significant rejection of FR by GB 5% level significant approval of GB by FR 1% level.

    > And although most immigrants in Belgium are from
    > Italian
    > origin we never received many points from that
    > direction, either.

    significant mutual avoidance 5% level.

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