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    Interesting topic, but for being an European citizin not that surprising though ! Moreover, I see more patterns than you did describe. Turkey for example, does give more points to Belgium than it does to Germany, where I do believe live the most Turks outside their own country. And vice versa that is not the case, Germany doesn 't usally award Turkey with many there a racistic pattern visible...!?

    Spain and Italy give eachother points, Spain and Portugal do the same, but not the Netherlands and Belgium, not even Belgium and Luxemburg, although royal related....

    Do France and England give eachother points !? Remerber their historic conflicts... And although most immigrants in Belgium are from Italian origin we never received many points from that direction, either. And that the current queen is of Italy doesn 't help us much further either...

    And in the glance of the currents affairs here in my country, the Dutroux- proces, Belgium won once the contest, Sandra Kim, at the time she was 14 or 15, a little kid, striking isn 't it !? And all the others rewarded us........

    And, Belgium, being one of the first countries at the bias of the European Economic Community didn 't help us...where is our reward for letting other governments become ritcher...!? Musn 't we not be rewarded for being the place where all the great battles of the Great Wars are fought; being the place where all the unnecessary deaths are lying peacefully and cared for...!?

    Luxembourg won it three times, I think..each time with a singer of another native ground,( Vicky Leandros was from Greece, Marie something was from France, the other was also from France I think), Switserland became second, with the Canadian singer, CÚline Dion...Jhonny Logan won it twice as a singer, once as the author of the winning song... Which country rewarded what in that case...!? The Dubliners were happy that Ireland lost the contest in the year that followed, to expensive...

    France became second with a female singer from one of its colonies, black and beautiful, but she didn 't win...why should that be !?

    Does give Belgium more points to Spain being the country where most of my countrymen spent their holiday...I doubt it, and for what reason should we, or vice versa did Spain ever give us points for spending all those Euro's in its bars !?

    There is indeed more than meets the eye, but I shouldn 't take the reasons for granted....its a show and a scam, nothing more...



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