Re: Cult memes and endorphins

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Fri 02 Apr 2004 - 06:36:09 GMT

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    At 01:20 AM 02/04/04 -0500, Scott wrote:
    >Could the electrical current involved in the galvanic measurement device
    >have any significant impact on endorphin release, especially if the
    >slight current passes through the body over an extended period of time?

    It's *possible.* The current in a scientology e-meter is only about 1/10 that of one of those Tens units that distract from back pain with a bit of electrical buzz. But I don't think so since intense social attention certainly causes rewarding endorphin flow without current. If you wanted to test it the obvious way would be real and fake sessions and get people to rate them or just measure their endorphin levels


    >Given my familiarity with Semon and Jung, I'd probably have a better
    >understanding than lots of folks of where a couple of Scientology's core
    >tools and concepts originated. Yet, I have very little ambition to
    >explore these connections to see just how deep the rabbit hole runs.

    Consider what happened to me if you want to reduce your ambition in this direction to zero.

    Keith Henson

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