Cult memes and endorphins

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Date: Thu 01 Apr 2004 - 03:06:34 GMT

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    There are dozens of these accounts on the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology if anyone ever wants to do a scientific paper on the subject. Keith Henson

    From: name deleted @yahoo 21 March 2004
    (posted with permission of author) Subject: Endorphins and emeters To:

    I would just like to confirm what you have hypothesized about emeters and endorphins. I was
    "into" scientology when I was 19 or 20 years old for about 6 months, and paid $2,500 for auditing and a course in "confront." (I quit scientology after 6 monts because I didn't like it, the threats, the weirdness, etc. And Hubbard, in his picture, to me it looked like he was smirking derisively after a while!)I didn't get much out of the confront course, but after about 15 hours of auditing I got a rather large "rush" which felt just like when I had been injected with a morphine based pain killer in the hospital some months before, durring my recouperation from a knee surgery. That was about 25 years ago now. But the thing is, I told them I felt like I was floating, but not "exterior". They told me that I was partially exterior. Interestingly, when they had their little public recruitment speeches, lauding scientolgy
    (and such) I recall a claim that drugs make one go
    "exterior." Apparently, they have overlooked the possibility that the emeter doesn't make you go
    "exterior" but only releases a drug into your body; endorphins. I would further hypothesize that the
    "processes" concocted by hubbard were designed not to enlighten or "clear" a person, but to keep the individual on the emeter until an endorphin rush was attained (along with providing some hocus-pocus effect to favorably impress the "PC"). And I further hypothesize that the processes were designed to elicit and synchronize an endorphin rush with a proper
    "finishing point" for the process. Diabolical! But how would hubbard have figured this out? Which I am confident he did. Have you looked into this? Sincerely,
    (name deleted)

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