Sex Crimes

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Date: Sun 21 Mar 2004 - 20:27:38 GMT

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    Francesca, Chris, All,

    That childhood and its discommodities plays a major role in why kids turn later into murderers and rapists is ' obvious '...

    Investigations done by the FBI, 1995 state that merely 35 % were witness of sexual violence, within the home and outside ( 42 %) 71 % were Peeping Toms; 73 % were victims of stress- situations concerned with sex; 81 % came into contact with pornography. 82 % masturbated compulsively, but 71 % were lonley, 67 % had nightmares, 52 % had a low self- image, 29 % had headackes, 19 % did hurt themselves ( selfmutilation ).

    What my concern is, is that sex in the general sense is attributed as the leading part in this book of misery. That being a victim of childabuse leads to extreme behavior in later life is ' a fact', that they watch compulsively pornographic films is no ' normal ' behavior by the least, but this is using the same argu- ment as like violence seen on TV leads to real violence in the real world.

    What strikes me the most, and I defend an extreme liberal point of view here, is that sex is again used as the scape- goat. Sex is being part of life as has been eating, shelter and sleep. But where the latter is taking as being obvious the former is treated, now and then as being a taboo. And I don 't understand why ! Sex has been always commoted with fear, as being ' dirty ', as a taboo, as something surprising.

    The notion, " kids are not allowed " is something what scares kids, what is needed is that grown- ups talk about sex, talk about sex with their kids open- minded, talk about the fact that sex isn 't something that must be violent and humiliated.

    And that has much to do with how our society is organised than it has to do with the brutal naked facts, if I may express myself in that matter.... We are far drifted away from our animals ancestory, we
    ' rationalised ' sex and IMO that is where we went wrong....



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