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Date: Fri 12 Mar 2004 - 04:53:15 GMT

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    On 12/03/2004, at 3:37 PM, Scott Chase wrote:

    > This ought to lighten the mood and get Keith and Chris off eachother's
    > case for a moment:
    > I realize that there are two versions of psychohistory floating out
    > there in the ether, Asimov's and the one described in the above URL,
    > but the latter sounds rather...ummm...interesting to be overly kind.

    It's not even interesting enough to be not even wrong... cyclic history? In this day and age (note: deliberate irony there)?
    > On an history of ideas note, the psychobiography of Jung to be exact,
    > here's another URL from the CG Jung page that could be of interest,
    > from a Dark Lord of the Sith, to Jungians anyway, Richard Noll:
    > actually.
    > It's his article "Jung's Concept of Die Dominanten (The Dominants)". A
    > little more serious in nature than the article on psychohistory was.
    Archetypus was used by Oken - I don't know enough Goethe to say (hey, if it's not in Volume One of Faustus, I haven't read it). But as a biological term it was popularised, at least, by Owen in England.

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