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    >While I'm not in agreement with this book review, it does bring up a lot of
    >issues we've been tossing about lately. From *Skeptic,* Vol. 10, No. 3.

    It's going on *my* wishlist.

    I have been dabbling in politics these past few months, and one thing I am running across from critics of the democratic party is a criticism of "identity politics" and "hyphenated americans". These are from people with basically humanistic values who feel that the democratic party has lost the mandate of the "common man" - and that is why the republicans (whose values they decry) have won the last elections. They say that multiculturalism is a failure and that we need to have a single cultural identity - as Americans - (maybe even Christians) - in order to have real social cohesiveness (kind of like this book suggests). My concern is that this argument is really stealth racism/ethnocentrism - and that these people should know better. Is there any research which correlates group cohesiveness to multiculturalism - a sort of multinational survey? Are there other memes which can perform the same function of social cohesion? And has anyone got a real concrete definition of what a "civil society" is?


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