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From: Keith Henson (
Date: Mon 08 Mar 2004 - 13:42:22 GMT

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    At 10:07 AM 08/03/04 +0000, you wrote:
    >I was trying to think of something germanic based on krieg, to no avail
    >(war shank was as close as I could get with googlefish), but what about
    >borrowing 'marshall/marshalling' with the obvious link to martial as well.
    >So call it a marshalling response? (Got a nice God-root to boot). I always
    >liked bellicose as a word too, but belly doesn't give you much to work
    >with. You could do something like guerilla maybe? I'll shut up anyway.

    So far one other person has suggested similar terms. I tend to favor the more primitive "Ares" over Mars as the root, but "Aresophilia" would be love of war which does not exactly cut it. In combination with Eros (in the attraction sense) it might work, but so far no luck in forming a word.

    >Cheers, Chris.
    >Keith Henson wrote:
    >>Stockholm Syndrome, more descriptively capture-bonding, is a
    >>conditionally switched on evolved psychological trait humans have. See
    >> for discussion re this
    >>trait and the attention-reward mechanism (awkward terms, I know).
    >Er, 'is'? A little bold there fella -- but I digress.

    Article has been out there for year and a half, is widely indexed and over 50k downloads. I started discussing this particular point of the article with psychologists close to 5 years ago and never had one I have talked to disagree on my categorization of Stockholm Syndrome as "a conditionally switched on evolved psychological trait." The 100% response after discussing what happened to our non-ancestors who did not socially reorient toward their captors was, "Yeah, that's obvious." This was actually disappointing since I like defending a thesis.

    If you can see any holes in the argument for the origin of SS/capture-bonding psychological trait I would love to see them.

    Thanks for the name suggestion,

    Keith Henson

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