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Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 19:40:44 GMT

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    Chris said:

    >Yeah I'd say that was a fair summary so far :)
    >Although I have to strap on a flag about environments of various kinds.
    >I (in answer to the other two replies to this post) _am_ one of
    >those fundamentalists, although I have a rather different definition
    >of the term meme (necessarily, cos I can't think of a better word of
    >my own). But yes I am one.
    >That doesn't make me anti-social science! That would be like a
    >phycisist denigrating biology because it's basically all physics at
    >bottom! There are appropriate methods to particular levels of focus.
    >Credo: I do believe in a mind built of tiny patterns, which copy
    >repeatedly internally a la Dennett, and which form the building
    >blocks of successive levels of structure -- like physics begets
    >chemistry begets life begets culture if you get me -- each built of
    >the blocks of stuff from the level below. So measuring nerve
    >impulses or oxygen uptake, then trying to connect that with thoughts
    >(not that anyone was) would be like trying to understand why 'The
    >Office' is funny by looking at a slowed-down trace of the firing
    >pattern of the gun(s) in your TV's CRT.

    I just got the "Physics of Consciousness" for Christmas. Haven't read it yet, but supposedly it does just that.


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