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From: derek gatherer (
Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 15:03:09 GMT

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    > The purists/ fundamentalists upon this list,

    and who are these?
    > If those fundamentalists claim that everything has
    > to do with memes

    but nobody claims that, the nearest you'll get is the assertion that memetic effects are widespread. A memetic fundamentalist would (to be any kind of real
    _fundamentalist_) have to:

    a) posit cultural determinism - ie. that all aspects of human social life are cultural and there is no place for genetic or environmental determination, and no or little culture/gene or culture/environment interaction.

    b) posit that all such cultural effects are analysable in terms of either vertical, oblique or horizontal transmission dynamics, subject to natural or cultrual selection.

    You can be a cultural determinist without being a memetic fundamentalist, but being the latter assumes the former. In any case, you won't find many examples fo each species.

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