Purists/ Fundamentalists

From: Van oost Kenneth (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 13:45:56 GMT

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    << It is an illusion to think that everything can be solved, and the factual inevitableness that everything must have a solution in the first place, leads to even more nuisance and grumble. While it should be a lesson in modesty. How well organised our society might be, a little dig of some critics and the powerful wheels of some fundamentalists begin to roll. For some obscure reason they deny the possibility for relfection of those who do not rattle the same views. But no, the problem is more a question of how far our society is over- orga- nised, over- exposed, over- controlled.

    Blindly we trust that any inconvience, any fatalism can/ will be spotted and will be solved by any other definitive effectiviness. Nothing can and may in the eyes of the fundamentalist disturb the daily routine, not without the acknowledgement that they were/ are right all along. That people on this list, in this matter are tired of being left without nothing but partial perspectives, is not a point these fundamentalists are willing to make. Stanley Fish, " the individual who is constituted by historical [ social, meme- tical ] and cultural forces ( would have to ) see through these forces and thus stand to the side of his own convictions and beliefs. "

    And that IMO, is now just any fundamentalist cannot do, conduct a rational examination of his/ her own convictions. He could only do that if he/ she were not historical [ memetical ] conditioned and were instead an acontextual/ unsituated being. Thus what some memetisists claim for being the truth is nothing more than a product of history. They themselves mere a puppet of their memetic interests, they are in their reasons to act like they do, constraint by their social/ cultural
    [ memetical ] context.

    Inevitably, what they say endorse the memetical doctrine of which they claim it is the truth. But the social/ cultural context of which memetics is just one way of putting one foot before the other, is more complex than that, composed of submitted interests and beliefs like it is. But some, aren 't willing to submit their own beliefs to critical scrutiny. There is no need to look at those interests from outside the framework of the belief itself_ further reflection could lead of being critical of his/ hers own ambi- valence.

            Those who never change their opinions,
            do rarely learn anything...

    The purists/ fundamentalists upon this list, try in a hubristic attempt to under- cut the emancipatory critique. But they do that only because their memes sub- sumed all their interests and beliefs to the context of the memes of which those interests and beliefs are part_ so fundamental that the case proves itself !

    To be critical of their own beliefs/ interests and desires they must stand entirely to one side of them_ that is wholly independent of the memetic interest and of the memetical inclination to control. If those fundamentalists claim that everything has to do with memes, they must think twice, because how ironic is their argumentation_ if not to be taken as obvious !?


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