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From: Van oost Kenneth (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 11:21:34 GMT

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    > From: "Francesca S. Alcorn" <unicorn@greenepa.net>
    > > My understanding is that there is
    > > a high correlation between genetic relatedness and the degree of
    > > social cohesion in a group. Which explains racism, but makes me
    > > wonder what we will do if the Global Village becomes a big "melting
    > > pot" and as a species we become more genetically similar (lose our
    > > biodiversity.
    > Hm, what can be streched as being a ' group ' can proceed roughly
    > along the following lines,
    > " A group is a certain number of people which are involved with
    > eachother and communicate a common interest. "
    > [ social- psychological they call this, ' some inter- activs '.
    > A groupevent asks " certainly a number of people which communicate
    > in order to do something, but the number of people will be determinated."
    > Moreover, the people don 't have to be genetical related to eachother.
    > There isn 't any, at least not in economics, proove that the cohesion
    > increases if the people are related_ or you have to count for the notion
    > of being human in the first place. In that case of course we 're all '
    > related '
    > to eachother, but I don 't think that this is your point of view.
    > The cohesion- factor depends on what goal the group sets for itself,
    > pasttime, companionableness,...who is being part of that group, who
    > is chairman [ is he strong or not], the common attractiviness, the
    > common involment, the common involment towards the leader and
    > the fear of being left out are some elements you have to consider...
    > If the group ' evolves ', convidence between members will increase,
    > sympathy and frienships will arise and behaviour and opinions that
    > one cannot bear will be shuffled aside.
    > I can 't imagine if all of this is being part of the antheap, some is,
    > but most is not.
    > And in regard to your explanation for racism let me add the
    > following, racism is a form of political indistigation of which the
    > elements are visible and recognizable, like the colour of your
    > skin, language, tongue, religion, surnames, and/ or place of
    > birth, land of origin. That in contrast with what is called uni-
    > versal elements like socialism, libaralism, democracy,... where
    > thus elements aren 't that easy to recognize.
    > It is far more easy to see that one is Chinese than it is to know
    > if the guy is a democrat, a socialist or whatever.
    > Again, I don 't think genetical relateness have anything to do
    > with racism. What is true however is that the clear definition
    > of what is being p.e; American can stand the test of time...
    > people are indisputable New Yorker, but far from a good
    > father, an intellectual,...but all speak English and stand for
    > the American dream....
    > The mean reason for racism lies in its simplicity, " we speak
    > all English and that is a higher standard ".
    > All the other languages we treat racisticly.
    > Kenneth

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