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    > To the "purists" none of this matters. I have a
    > hammer and I use it.
    > Memes as ideas which "carry" their own reproductive
    > force and which are subject to Darwinian "selection
    > pressures" are in some stage of the evolution of the
    > hammer above.

    Hi there,

    Oh, but I got nothing against those, but I understand ( and we must get in touch with those to get any discussion going)_ that they run up against the limits of their own conceptions.

    In memetic terms, those/ their assumptions simply refuse to give way ( and as the memetisists we are, we had to see that coming...sic)_ they are strongly conditioned within the indi- vidual mind and within society. No mere an evolution of memetic ideas will get us forward, because mind/ brain/ consciousness are determinated by its own/ natural material constraints.

    Our mind, our memes/ ideas pose the obstacle to the very ideas/ insight/ assumptions which seek to explain the original point. If we want to change, we must change our forms of life, our forms/ ways of thinking.


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