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Date: Wed 25 Feb 2004 - 04:37:18 GMT

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    At 11:09 PM 24/02/2004 -0500, you wrote:
    >At 10:19 AM 25/02/04 +1100, you wrote:
    >>At 06:22 PM 24/02/2004 -0500, you wrote:
    >>>At 09:12 AM 25/02/04 +1100, Steven wrote:
    >>>> but if its practitioners are unwilling to enter into dialogue with
    >>>> sociology
    >>>Pot, kettle.
    >>>Keith Henson
    >>My dialogue with memetics is my contribution to this site. It may not be
    >>to everyones' liking, but this is not the issue.
    >I don't mind reasoned disagreement. However, what you have been doing is
    >not dialogue.
    >Keith Henson


    My disagreement with (much of) memetics is strongly reasoned. It derives from a worked out position which I have tried, given the limits of exchange on a site like this, to set out as clearly as I can. It takes two to have a dialogue, and sometimes positions are so far apart that this is not possible. But, by itself, this says nothing about the value of either position.

    Steven Thiele

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