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Date: Fri 20 Feb 2004 - 05:27:10 GMT

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    At 11:31 PM 19/02/04 -0500, Scott wrote:


    >On the other hand, social psychology is a social science. Would it as a
    >discipline adhere to the SSSM that the EP'ers despise?

    Most of the older religions have quit making claims that are in obvious conflict with evidence. That makes adhering to the SSSM worse than a religious because the foundation claims of the SSSM *are* in obvious conflict with evidence.

    >Certainly memeticists would not only want to learn something about
    >sociology, but maybe more importantly social psychology, dealing as it
    >does with individuals within social systems.

    As I laid out in detail in a recent post, memetics deeply depends on evolutionary psychology if it is going to go beyond how memes spread (which generates tiresome S curves) into why memes spread such as the brain reward system exploited by cult memes.

    >Then again it would be unsurprising if social psychologists took interest
    >in memetics as a newer view of things.

    The field does seem to be in a flux. Some of them seem to have taken Tooby and Cosmides to heart and are dumping everything that won't integrate into the larger whole of scientific knowledge.

    That's going to fill a few dust bins!

    Keith Henson

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