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    << New structures are being made by the individual in order to cope with his living environment. But because p.e. Piaget called this environment universal all actions of all individuals do lead to the same result due to his equilibration- principle.

    But we do investigate things with methodes own to us, we presuppose Western thinking- ways by and within others cultures/ sociaties, thus we aren 't able in principle to find other lineages in the first place_ all divergences found will be acknowledged as defaults and that accordingly to our own thinking- ways.

    Although there isn 't a biological bias for what Piaget claims as universal I have troubles finding any environment that will be approiate, suitable for any individual; that will be claimed as valid for any individual living within in. If we take nature itself for being that universal part than again, many indi- viduals will be unable to recognize nature as such a case.

    What is valid for us, will not for many others. How is it than possible that the claim ' we know what evolution is and on what level it works ' can be made, moreover, that the claim can be made that evolution occurs at the population level, even it is said above that the environment wherein the selection takes place is in the eyes of the beholder never, can 't be_ the same !?

    How can any individual cope with his environment in the first place if the population of which he is part makes it incapable of recognizing any longer his or hers own creative practice!? Each shift over the eons of time of the human ( individualistic) personality/ identity give rise to a shift within the scale individual- collective_ and thus a change within the concept of morality_how would you call this !? I call this evolution on the individual level and that is later generalized. There isn 't any collective ground of morality which is later distributed amongst each and any individual occupying any environment!

    An evolved population is just the endresult of what already evolving individuals realized....and agreed upon....


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