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    > My main point was to point out to Dace that individuals do not evolve, a
    > point which Keith was trying to get across to him.

    << Genotypical, I agree, but each individual pursues ( genetic/ memetical indulged) his or hers interests; with little or no sense or interest of how and why all of these isolated interests combine into the total system of what stands for society/ culture.

    How would such things ' generalize ' !? The claim that only populations/ groups are the level of evolution is to grasp/ to know for sure what evolution stands for/ or what it is. It would seem, IMO, that evolution can either be known to us, in which case it can 't be defined and the claim becomes simply dogmatic; or one is caught in the paradox of defining evolution with an ideosyncratic terminology, in which case the memetic approach undercuts the claim because all what is done is in name of memetic propagation_ by which we can say, of what we see, define, investigate as e(a)ffects of natural selection can be wrong.

    In that case, individual evolution is as wrong as evolution occuring amongst groups/ populations.



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