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    ----- Original Message ----- > Chris Taylor,
    > Fact we can borrow from biology #1: Selection on individuals is not
    > appropriate, nor selection on kinds (group/species selectionist);
    > evolution happens (to repeat Scott) in populations. For instance I'm
    > sure when talking about French, Canuck French, French creoles etc. it is
    > a lot easier to talk about populations of speakers than of individuals,
    > or of 'French'.

    << Ok, Chris, but IMO it all boils down to what definition ' evolution ' relates to, no !?

    Didn 't we ' evolve ' during the period Neanderthal- Modern man !? If we didn 't, how would you define the changes !? Genotypical ok, we don 't ' evolve ', but memetically !? Don 't we
    ' evolve ' from kid to adolescent, to young man, to ol' grandpa !? Isn 't that ' evolution ' during a ' period of time ' !? If not, what is it then !? Is there neural evolution involved !?

    Although, it seems to be that way, and in that respect, how can we claim there isn 't any ' selection ' on the level of individual organisms !?

    How would you explain, in population- terms, the tricks and traits kids
    ' inherited ' from their parents !? In the ways kids behave, act, play, say or do anything, things are observable being ' part ' of one or two parents, p.e . how kids write certain can this come about, if 1_ there isn 't any genetic explanantion for this type of inheritance ( the time needed is too short) 2_ this is IMO, selection on an individualistic level and 3_ Lamarckism could not be applied !?

    I don 't buy the nurture thing, or the learned- notion,... kids are getting born with certain parts of functions which can 't be explained genetically_ that is then on the population- level ! How one writes a specific character isn 't of any ( genetical) importance or significance to any kind of population. The selection for writing in such a specific is done on the individual level.

    Again, I got the gut feeling, we 're watching the wrong marker....

    Anyway, Regards,


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