Re: Allport & Postman's "The Psychology of Rumor" (1947)

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Date: Tue 17 Feb 2004 - 20:30:41 GMT

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    > Could you take a quick look through the book and see
    > if this has the owl to
    > cat page?

    No, the front plate is an illustration of ‘Fama’ from Vergilius’s “Opera” (1502) with the inscription from the Aeneid:

    “Swift through the Libyan cities Rumor sped. Rumor! What evil can surpass her speed? In movement she grows mighty, and achieves Strength and dominion as she swifter flies. Small first, because afraid, she soon exalts Her stature skyward, stalking through the lands”

    Sounds like the first description of a sigmoid curve!

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