RE: Whacking on memetics

From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Tue 17 Feb 2004 - 00:22:55 GMT

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    M Lissack wrote:

    > Just because Keith may be square in the middle of the
    > postings on this list DOES NOT make him the best spokesperson
    > for memetics. There is more to life and to memetics than this list.

    He is not square in the middle of postings on this list. Postings on this list are mostly square in left field. He does, however, communicate the essentials of memetics with a clarity and willingness unmatched by anyone I know.

    > The bulk of the postings on this list have little to do with
    > memetics and much more to do with the misplaced egos of
    > several of the posters who seem to think that they are the
    > "oracles" of memes.

    I agree with the first part. As for egos, many of us have them, but personal attacks are not appropriate for this list.

    Richard Brodie

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