RE: Whacking on memetics

From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 2004 - 23:00:52 GMT

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    Steven Thiele wrote:

    <<The problem with posting like that offered by Keith is that they are ideosyncratic. Keith thinks he has the answer to everything to do with memes
    (for all I know he may be right), yet almost no one else agrees with him.>>

    Keith is square in the mainstream of memetics thought; in fact, he may be its best spokesman. This is not a peer-reviewed list, just a place for interested parties to converse. Most of the traffic (as would be predicted by memetics) is about misunderstanding or disagreement with mainstream theory.

    << If someone came to this website, what view would they get of memetics?

    Most likely the view you have got.

    Richard Brodie

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