Re: Durkeim's take on the categories

From: John Wilkins (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 2004 - 22:19:03 GMT

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    On Tuesday, February 17, 2004, at 05:42 AM, Scott Chase wrote:

    >> It is my understanding that this view, that the Kantian synthetic a
    >> prioria are the evolutionary post hoc traits of cognition, was first
    >> proposed (in a Nazi journal!) by Konrad Lorenz in 1941.
    > Yipes! Are you trying to set a Godwin's law record? One reply into the
    > thread even...
    No, and the location of the idea does not poison it, either. But it does pay to recall that Lorenz proposed it first, and that he was a Nazi sympathiser. Both are true and we should not try to hide unpleasant facts.

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