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Date: Sun 15 Feb 2004 - 20:50:09 GMT

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    > Yes, we have individual minds, but these minds can be regarded as
    > *individuations* of collective mentality. Rather than six billion buckets
    > of water, we have six billion waves rising and falling on a single ocean.

    << Again this is regarding the ' individual ' as being standing outside the way which evolution follows! Such statements as above misregard all realisations done by individual people. Individuality is a vital part of evolution and of social development. My conduct, in whatever way possible might or might not be induced by any collective mentality, whatever that turn out to be, but saying that my mind is just an individuation of some collective mentality is absurd.

    I got, and in a particular way I did become inseparable from the acting to promote my free, human creative powers. And I don 't think that is a collective mentality........!!

    I live in relation to the lived experience of other people, I am not
    " lived " by it as many are...!

    Many think they can escape the dominant influence of their world, but " many can 't accept that the thing they really need is something they can accept willingly, something tangible, something like a gift ."
    ( Dogville/ Lars von Trier)

    Freedom and individuality are such a something....



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