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Date: Wed 11 Feb 2004 - 06:59:43 GMT

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    >However, I could find no attributions or even dated sources, and it does
    >not show up in any of quotations sites I looked at. The first use on
    >Usenet is in 1992--leaving open the unsettling possibility that I coined
    >the phrase in the _Whole Earth Review_ version of my 1987 _Analog_
    >article. (Or that the editor slipped it in as part of a new third paragraph?)

    Nope. Little more detailed inspection led to this progression. 1985 1984 tml 1982 1980

    "On an intellectual plane, start with the two great philosophers Kant and Hegel. Kant gave us the insight that our ideas have a life of their own, and continue to influence us long after the objects and experiences that birthed them have disappeared. Hegel taught us that ideas have a history, just as kings and kingdoms do. He taught us to see how they sometimes clash and sometimes fuse and sometimes create new ideas."

    This doesn't actually claim that Kant used these words though.

    If someone knows of more Kant on the web, let me know.

    Keith Henson

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