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Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 - 10:41:00 GMT

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    > Keith, you have just exhibited the 'hard line'. Introducing the effect of
    > physical events, disease, climate, etc, misses the point. Memetics
    > understands culture as an expression (phenotype?) of memes, as if culture
    > is an epiphenomenon. This is a 'hard line' because it doesn't leave open
    > the possiblity that culture is a creative phenomenon.


    If culture is then, more creative_ wouldn 't we say ' intentional ' what is than the ' meaning ' of the creative part if not survival pur sang or adding or constraining effects which contribute to the potential ' survival' or the than unavoidable ' death ' of others memes !?

    Is ' creativity ' the glue that holds culture together_ in effect what contri- butes ' creativity ' to the examination of the continous interactions and organisations!?

    If memes,(one might feel ' creativity 'is), are not the prior creators of cultural/ social life, what is !?

    And what are we to say of the Darwinian explanation if creativity reflects ' intentionality ' ( Lamarckism) !?



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