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Date: Fri 06 Feb 2004 - 08:41:37 GMT

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    > Nonetheless someone had to consciously made the
    > connection. When Lucas came
    > up with "memetics" as a term for describing this
    > field of study, it was a
    > simple idea. As she herself became accustomed to
    > the term, it became a
    > habitual idea. As it became habitual for many other
    > people, it gained the
    > status of "meme."

    Everybody who read the word 'memeticist' in Dawkins original text must have _consciously_ made the connection. Dawkins himself must have made the connection consciously as he put finger to typewriter, or pen to paper (it being 1974/5 at the time). The source of the word 'meme' is Dawkins (pace mimeme, mneme, mnemon precursors), but the source of
    'memetics' is also Dawkins, because to specify otherwise requires us to deny the absolute necessity that any educated person reading the word 'memeticist' would not immediately see that there must be a cognate noun 'memetics'.

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