Re: groupthink gauntlet: MacArthur's ill-fated drive toward the Yalu

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Date: Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 22:34:07 GMT

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    > From: derek gatherer
    > > Keith wrote:
    > > Could you cite the page please? It is amusing if
    > > true because Dawkins
    > > didn't like the word. (Though he did use the phase
    > > "population memeticist"
    > > on page 194.)
    > Yes, you are correct. Dawkins didn't use the
    > adjective 'memetic' but actually the noun
    > 'memeticist'. Since we know that one who does
    > 'genetics' is a 'geneticist', doesn't the coinage of
    > 'memeticist' necessarily imply somebody who does........?

    Nonetheless someone had to consciously made the connection. When Lucas came up with "memetics" as a term for describing this field of study, it was a simple idea. As she herself became accustomed to the term, it became a habitual idea. As it became habitual for many other people, it gained the status of "meme."


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