RE: groupthink gauntlet: MacArthur's ill-fated drive toward the Y alu

From: Vincent Campbell (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 12:38:14 GMT

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            <How often does groupthink show up on the archives?>

            Was it really only me? How embarassing...

            <Sounds like this fella was tying groupthink into memetics somehow. If you
    > fail to see a connection between memetics and groupthink as the above
    > author
    > I quoted alludes to, you might want to send him an e-mail. I'm sure he'd
    > love to explain himself to you on the point he was trying to make. Take it
    > easy on him though, please :-)>
            I e-mail myself all the time, so it would be nothing new :-)

            <Vincent, you, a social scientist, cannot play neutral Swiss on this.>

            Indeed, but I do prefer conciliation and mutual respect rather than the old arguments, that have raised their heads here recently. I increasingly feel that the social sciences need to get back to first principles about empirical research, and away from ideological relativism and solipism, but quite a lot of social science does actually do that. My own field is rather over filled with relativists and solipsists, unfortunately so the struggle is a little harder. However, there are also aspects of science (as institution, not as epistemological methodology) ) as a social construction that scientists need to recognise (e.g. the politicised nature of research funding, or the social status of scientists, the dissemination of science etc. etc.).

            < big snip... I wasn't pointing my comments towards you, but towards those who would casually denigrate and dismiss social science.>

            I accept what you're saying, I think I was just looking for a relevant posting to stick my tuppence in.


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