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From: Vincent Campbell (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 12:24:55 GMT

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    > > Could you cite the page please? It is amusing if
    >> true because Dawkins
    >> didn't like the word. (Though he did use the phase
            .> "population memeticist"
    >> on page 194.)

            <Yes, you are correct. Dawkins didn't use the
    > adjective 'memetic' but actually the noun
    > 'memeticist'. Since we know that one who does
    > 'genetics' is a 'geneticist', doesn't the coinage of
    > 'memeticist' necessarily imply somebody who does........?>
            Exactly. Once you've got meme coined, and likened to gene (by Dawkins, can we at least agree on that?), then doesn't it automatically follow gene, genetics, geneticist, so meme, memetics, memeticist?

            This may seem a trivial tangential point, but if someone is arguing from claimed authority then I think they need a bit more than claiming to have coined the term memetics.


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