Re: memes, cause or effect ?

From: M Lissack (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 12:14:34 GMT

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    of course

    that is the whole point for even making comments on this list

    --- "Joel.M Dimech" <> wrote:
    > Michael :
    > Your answer "The cause is "you" reacting to the
    > influences on you. The influences are not the
    > cause".
    > From a psychological viewpoint I agree, it is not
    > healthy for Humans to think otherwise. Still the
    > concept of influence deserves some clarifications,
    > there are different kinds of influences. It seems
    > that your statement does not range over all cases in
    > point, do you allow me to make some public comments
    > on this statement, as a result on your essay ?

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