Re: the meme/brain problem

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 2004 - 01:49:53 GMT

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    At 01:49 PM 04/02/04 -0800, Ted wrote:


    >Bruce recognizes the importance of case studies and requests one definitive

    The Second Ed of _Selfish Gene_ Dawkins put in an example case, and plots the data from the cumulative cites of one of Hamilton's papers, pages 325-327. The data fits a straight line on log paper just as expected.

    >He also insists that we narrow the field by identifying where,
    >specifically, the memetics model applies. I fully agree. I think the chief
    >reason for the failure of memetics to be widely accepted as a science is its
    >attempt to reduce all of culture to a memetic struggle for survival (and the
    >corresponding illusion that this can render the study of culture into a
    >"hard" science).

    I can't think of anyone who takes this hard a line. We know of cultures have been taken down by external physical events, others that have been massively affected by disease or changes in climate.

    Keith Henson

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