Re: the meme/brain problem

From: Trupeljak Ozren (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 2004 - 11:30:27 GMT

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    > >Unlike a brain/mind, the matter
    > >comprising a computer is not simply one perspective onto a greater
    > whole.
    > >It *is* the computer.
    > >
    > >Ted
    > I am a hard line materialist. Minds and viewpoints of those minds
    > emerge
    > from really complicated evolved hardware (brains) but I don't
    > consider them
    > different in kind from the minds of cats and operating systems.
    > Keith Henson

    What *is* the operating system of cats? ;) CatOS X, anyone? ;P

    Although I in essence agree with Keith, I still find the model of mind as an operating system a little bit too simplistic. We are using a model to represent the model which represents the model of reality - can't be too good for the value of analogy..:) Cats, on the other hand....


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