Re: Rare original memetics document found

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 2004 - 03:21:38 GMT

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    At 07:09 PM 03/02/04 -0500, Aaron wrote:
    >In a message dated 2/3/2004 9:03:26 AM Central Standard
    >Time, writes:


    >Bidding for this unique historical document at Krystee's London will
    >start at 1.5 million, the price of a chair fit for issuance of ex
    >cathedra pronouncements... Until bidding starts, the document will
    >of course remain carefully preserved in a cryogenic case using
    >superfluid Helium-3 as coolant.

    Ah. Well let me know the date as we certainly will want to be bidding.

    Keith Henson


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