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    I am confused:

    in this paper the author states "The present model shares central ideas with universal Darwinism in as much as it points out mechanisms common to both the biological and cultural realms of evolution. In so doing it also demonstrates the explanatory power of the notion of the meme, since symbols and concepts, as typical memes, are the cornerstones of culture. "

    There is NOTHING in the paper which does anything to demonstrate the explanatory power of the meme. Not one sentence.

    the author's explanation is even worse "Selection in particular is commonly regarded as the decisive cause of scientific progress." how does he back this up? he does not. he ignores Kuhn and every study of science since

    How does this make it past reviewers?


    --- Bruce Edmonds <> wrote:
    > The Evolution of Language and
    > Science Studied
    > by means of Biological
    > Concepts
    > by Börje Ekstig
    > Abstract
    > 1. Introduction
    > 2. The Pattern
    > 3. Condensation
    > 4. Parallels in Cultural Evolution
    > 5. The Evolution of Language
    > 6. The Evolution of Science
    > 7. Summary
    > References
    > Abstract
    > This study examines certain mechanisms underlying
    > the evolution of
    > language and science -- including mathematics --
    > using concepts
    > developed in the field of biological evolution.
    > Developmental processes
    > are particularly emphasized. Analysis of
    > developmental processes,
    > processes such as human embryonic development,
    > children’s verbal
    > development, and adolescents’ scientific conceptual
    > development reveals
    > the unifying principle referred to as "condensation"
    > -- the successive
    > shortening of developmental stages. The mechanism of
    > condensation is
    > coupled to the rate of evolutionary change.
    > The analysis examines the applicability of the
    > concept of the meme.
    > Regarding the evolution of language, we suggest a
    > cooperative
    > combination of genetic and memetic replication;
    > while early on in the
    > evolution of science only memetic replication is
    > envisaged.
    > Key words: Evolution, development, memes, cultural
    > evolution, language,
    > science, mathematics.
    > Available at:

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