Re: groupthink gauntlet: MacArthur's ill-fated drive toward the Yalu

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Date: Mon 02 Feb 2004 - 14:56:10 GMT

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    << Whatever the definition of groupthink may be, in the end the individual will always be part of the process. The question will always be raised to- wards any indivudual " what drives you ', ' what is your reason for joining
    ' what is your input ', ' will you give feedback ' !?

    Any individual will indulge different forces ( impuls, defense mechanisms and direction- guiding choises), everything what drives the different mem(e)bers will eventually end up in one melting- pot which in turn will enforce/ indulge its members.

    That is only analyses in retrospective, because as being an indivudual I have no clue what my influence, and those of my co- members, is and will on the outcome ' of- what- I- experience- as- groupinfluence '. Moreover, I easily can experience the group as something what is completely external.

    So to get to the example, I am afraid I got bad news for you Scott, questions like raised above determine what being human is all about ! What do you exept, direction, meaning, sense of life !? Think of what drives us all, the fundamental loneliness and the tendency for solidarity_ the paradox of being autonomous and the desire/ need for receiving guidness ( from gods, kings, masters,...)

    So, no, groupthinking as noted in the title of this thread is misleading....



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