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From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Sat 31 Jan 2004 - 17:49:21 GMT

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    M Lissack wrote:

    > memes are NOT causal at the level of human behavior(except
    > perhaps as signs of Final Causes)
    > memes are at best catalytic
    > to attribute CAUSE to memes is to greatly oversimplify at the
    > cost of logical sense and in blind service to mistaken zealotry
    > few genes are CAUSAL at the level of human behavior
    > to explain McArthur using ONLY memes is a joke
    > were the decision makers making use of a set of memes which
    > may have contributed to their bad decision yes
    > BUT there is ZERO EVIDENCE that the memes CAUSED anything

    Causality is a philisophical topic, not a scientific one. Does the presence of a meme in person A's mind affect the probability of his behaving in a certain way? For instance, if I have learned the word "egress" will I tend to behave differently in P.T. Barnum's tent when I see the sign "THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS!" than someone who doesn't have that meme?

    That being said, I agree that "to explain McArthur using ONLY memes is a joke."

    Richard Brodie

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